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Our Premium Products

Farnico grows and processes the best quality cotton products in the World. Farnico cotton is a zero-waste crop, this results in Farnico offering fantastic organic products and by-products 

In-Conversion & Organic Fibre

Fibre is processed at Farnico’s own gin - this adds to the uniqueness of the fibre processed - each bale is carefully examined and can be traced back to the household that grew it!

Organic Yarn

Farnico can offer buyers up to six different types of 100% Organic Cotton yarn spun using the latest technology at its beautiful partner facility in sunny Uzbekistan.

Cottonseed Oil

Farnico's cotton oil is pressed from our very own organic cotton upon processing. We can equally source the origins of the oil down to the household that grew the cottonseed.

Cottonseed Meal

Cottonseed meal serves are excellent animal feed as well as a great fertilizer for gardens and fields, filled with natural acidic qualities. Farnico's cottonseed meal, just like its oil, comes from the fine organic cotton grown by our Farnico-Farmers.



Farnico is GOTS (License no. CU113701) and EU Organic (Reg. no. CU881969) certified by Control Union since 2021. We supply GOTS organic, as well as in-conversion, cotton to customers around the globe. All of our cotton is responsibly sourced through our work directly with farmer communities, as well as from our own lands. We aim to build long-term relationships with professional buyers. Contact us for more information!



“Certified organic products cater for higher-income options for farmers, and therefore, can serve as promoters for climate-friendly farming practices worldwide.” Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO)


We would love to do business with you. Together, we can empower textiles to drive sustainability and raise the quality of life of farmers in the developing world.

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