Supplying Excellent Preferred Cotton by Partnering with Farmers Making Agriculture Sustainable 



To grow and manufacture fully traceable & organic cotton by raising the quality of life of local communities and partnering with good, honest, hardworking farmers in developing countries, leaving a positive mark on Mother Earth. 

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Sergej Nicolaisen founded Farnico because he recognized the disparity of farmers in developing countries due to the farmers' lack of resources, knowledge and access to the global market. Cotton has long been known for consuming large amounts of water and leaving a negative footprint in both communities and the environment. Sergej saw that this does not have to be the case. With his family's support, he founded Farnico in 2020, intending to innovate agriculture, develop an organic agricultural system, partner with the farmers, and treat them fairly rather than exploit them. The system is mutually beneficial for farmer communities, the environment and society. Farnico fundamentally paves the road to a future of sustainable consumerism in synch with farmers and the environment. Farnico partners with farmers to help them grow a healthy and more profitable harvest which is then processed up the value chain, making premium products for global customers. By sourcing cotton through Farnico, textile companies are empowered to source an excellent and responsible product. It results in both Farmers and the Environment to be treated with newfound integrity and respect. Simultaneously, the final customers can feel the difference in quality and satisfaction when wearing Farnico sourced cotton fibre.


Who We Are

Farnico is a grower, manufacturer, and seller of products made from in-conversion and organic cotton. Through its branch in Tajikistan, Farnico grows cotton by closely partnering up with good, honest, hardworking local farmer households. Only excellence is good enough.

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